the DECE Advantage

Board Registered PDUs

Board registered engineers would benefit from select courses, as they would be tied to APETT/BOETT's CPD structure.

International Chartership

The BSc and MASc programs in Electrical and Computer Engineering are accredited by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET). Completing these CPD courses can enhance your expertise and help meet the requirements for international engineering chartered status.

Certificate Offerings & International/Industry Partnerships

The DECE has significantly advanced to provide "short-course" University level certificates, partnered with industrial and international institutions. These courses are relevant, practical and theoretically sound.


The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has developed micro-courses to offer as units for continuing and professional education. Our objective is to deliver a wide range of industry-targeted courses throughout the semesters, focusing on our thematic areas: Control, Computer, Electronics, Energy, and Telecommunication Systems. These courses encompass a combination of soft and technical topics, covering policies, ethics, and regulations in the fields of energy, AI, and telecommunications. Additionally, we provide professional and vocational courses tailored to individuals at various skill levels. There are 4 types of certificates being offered:

  • Certificate of Participation
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Certificate of Proficiency
  • Certificate of Competency


Semester-1's Offering

Courses begin in November and continue until January 15th 2024. For information on registration, start and end dates, cost, and delivery methods, please click the link associated with each course offering.

View our Semester-2 Offering

Introduction to AI

Tuition Fee: $1500TTD
This course explores the major topics within the field of AI giving students a clear indication of the expansive nature and diverse applicability of AI... Read More...

Statistics in AI

Tuition Fee: $1500TTD
The Introduction to Statistics for AI Beginners course aims to provide individuals new to the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a solid foundation in... Read More...

Compliance Monitoring for ISM Band RF-Modules in Embedded Systems

Tuition Fee: TBD
ISM Band RF Modules are widely used in affordable wireless embedded systems, from Bluetooth refrigerators to vehicle remote-start and asset tracking... Read More...

Digital Twin Technologies Principles, Applications and Implications

Tuition Fee: $2625TTD
Discover the transformative potential of Digital Twin Technology in our introductory 4-week online course! Designed for professionals, students, and enthusiasts... Read More...

Python Programming Fundamentals

Tuition Fee: $1300TTD
Python Programming Fundamentals is a two-week intensive course designed for beginners and professionals interested in learning to... Read More...

Software Architecture and Design Patterns

Tuition Fee: $3500TTD
This course will cover the principles of software architecture and design patterns. ... Read More...

Introduction to Renewable Energy Systems

Tuition Fee: $1200TTD
This course aims to deliver content to assist students in understanding the methods of utilizing the naturally available renewable resources in residential applications... Read More...


Semester-2's Offering

The tentative offering for the May-June period is given here. These offerings can change, and more courses can be added stay close to this website for more information.

Fundamentals in Programmable Logic Controller Systems

This course is designed for professionals at technician level and higher throughout the energy industry. The aim is to introduce...

Applied Renewable Energy Systems

The course covers a range of topics from the basic understanding of energy and types of energy to understanding the concepts...

Practical Machine and Deep Learning

With the explosion of data, machine learning techniques have become invaluable in bringing insights from data, as ...

Pre-processing for Machine Learning and Data Analytics

It's commonly said that data scientists spend 90% of their time cleaning and manipulating data and only 10% of their time analyzing it...

Cybersecurity in Industrial Control Systems

This course teaches the fundamentals of ISA/IEC 62443 ...