Project Supervisor's Guide

Accessing your Account

  1. Visit
  2. Use your default login to gain access.

    USERNAME: initial of first name + surname e.g. fsingh
    PASSWORD: supplied by coordinator
  3. Immediately, you will be directed to change your password. Please remember to choose a password that is easy enough for you to remember but difficult for others to figure out. If you desire to change your password subsequent to the initial change, click on Change Password.
  4. Remember to logout at the end of your session by selecting Logout.
  5. If you experience any difficulty please the Postgraduate Secretary who will reset your default login.

Creating a Proposal

This feature of the MASc Project Portal allows you to create, revise and submit your project proposals. Please note that proposals must be submitted by (to be announced).

  1. Click on Create Project Proposal.
  2. Fill in the respective fields of the proposal.
  3. When you are finished you can preview your proposal, save your proposal for later revisions or submit to the coordinator for approval by clicking on the appropriate button.

  4. You can review or edit your DRAFT proposals by clicking on My Project Proposals. Your draft proposals will appear in a table such as the one displayed below.

    Title Actions
    2007-09-01 Special Project Management System
  5. To edit click .
  6. You may discard your draft by clicking .

Project Approval

  1. Submitted final proposals are sent to the MASc Coordinator for approval. You can view the status of your proposal by selecting My Project Proposals.
  2. A summary page, indicating the status of your final proposal will appear as follows.

    Title Supervisor Status Student
    2007-09-01 Special Project Management System Dr Kim Mallalieu Approved  
  3. If you have submitted a final proposal to the coordinator and would like to edit your proposal please contact the coordinator. He/she will reset the proposal's status allowing you to continue editing.

Assigning Projects

Please note that assigning projects is done ONLY by the MASc coordinator