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The ECNG 3020 Special Project is a mandatory course that seeks to consolidate the student's technical and academic experience, while developing practical skills through exposure to a challenging engineering project.

ECNG 3020 is a year-long course that contributes 20% towards the final weighted GPA. It is the SINGLE most important course for students in the department.

This portal provides key resources and information for ECNG 3020 students.

As a first step, make sure to download the ECNG 3020 Student Manual and read it. Critical information that you require is included in the manual.

Questions regarding course administration may be directed to the ECNG 3020 Special Project Coordinator, Crista Mohammed at
Room 335, Block 1
Ext. 82462

Important Dates

Semester 1
Course Orientation (Compulsory Attendance) Thursday 30th August 2018,
1 - 3 p.m.,
LT3, Block 13.
Official List of Projects Approved by the Department 30th August 2018
Deadline for Project Selection 17th September 2018
Official List of Assigned Projects 19th September 2018
Semester 2
Deadline for Progress Report 11th January 2019
Progress Report and Oral Presentation 16th -18th January 2019
Deadline for Final Report 4th April 2019, 2pm
Project Demonstrations (Compulsory for Types II & IV) 8th - 12th April 2019
Final Oral Presentations 15th - 17th April 2019

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